A question we get asked quite often at Europlex is, Do my floors need to be oiled after installation?

Fine Sawn White Oiled

Fine Sawn White Oiled

This is a valid question, and many different manufacturers have different responses so we can see how this question arises so frequently.  There are 2 different types of Oiled Finished floors that Europlex carries.  1.) UV Oiled Finishes (cured with UV Lights)  AND 2.) Hardwax Oiled finishes (natural waxes are air dried/cured).   As a general rule, UV oiled Floors DO NOT need oiling after installation – but can be oiled as the floor ages.   Hardwax oiled floors on the other hand, SHOULD be oiled after installation.



Why?  Oiling your floor nourishes and protects the wood, and makes it look its best.   Oiled Floors that are properly maintained will last a lifetime.

Oiled floor after installation

In this photo you can see a recent installation of DuChateau Riverstone Seine.  1/2 has been oiled, and the other half has not.  The question should be why wouldn’t you want to oil your floors?  In dry climates especially, and floors that have trade dust, or even just regular wear and tear will benefit HUGE from a fresh coat of oil.


Gallery_UPO_Grand SmokedNow, here is a brief breakdown of some of the maintenance products and procedures to  go with your oiled floor.  All products can be ordered from Europlex – info@europlex.ca

Oil flooring finishes are very easy to maintain and repair when using the proper procedures.

For this reason oiled floors can be installed in a wide range of interiors.  They are ideal for use in busier households and also commercial locations. Due to textured look and low surface gloss, oil finishes disguise scratches, dents and other minor damages, which significantly eases floor maintenance over the long-term. Given proper maintenance and regular restorative cleaning even a heavily used oiled floor, will never require sanding and refinishing.




Maintenance Products and Procedures


Recovering Oil .75 ltr (Covers approx. 1000 sqft) | Cleaner available in 1 ltr Concentrate or 1 ltr Spray

Coswick Silk Oil Finish:  With every oiled floor a cleaner for OILED floors must be purchased.  DO NOT use any household cleaner or hardwood cleaner for oiled floors – these solutions are formulated to remove oil, and can actually damage your floor and void the warranty.    The cleaners for OILED floors act as a cleaner and a protectant, and will leave a protective film of oil on the floor.   As for oiling, Coswick makes a great product called RECOVERING OIL, this is good for oiling Silk Oil Floors as needed (not required after installation)… the great thing about these oil finishes is that you can isolate the areas that need oiling, and you will never have to sand and finish your floor.   More great information can be found here:  http://www.coswick.com/hardwood_floor_care/maintenance_products



Maintenance Oil 1 ltr (covers approx 700 sqft) | Cleaner is a 1 ltr Concentrate

DuChateau Hard-wax Oil Finsh:  Hard-wax oil floors use the natural oxidization process of waxes and oils to harden when exposed to air.  This process is very natural, and allows for a very beautiful open grained organic feeling product.   The cleaner comes in a concentrate solution, and as for all our oiled floors, the user MUST only use the brand specific cleaner that is formulated for oiled floors.    For best results you should buff on a coat of oil after installation.  This can be done by hand or with an orbital buffer.    It is recommended that floors be oiled as needed – or about once per year.  You may want to do it more especially in areas with dry climates, commercial environments, or busier households.   Many people in the market for floors may think this is too much maintenance, but rest assured that in the long-term it is worth it, and going oiled is a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting choice as a finish.   DuChateau also makes a White Oil for White Floors.   More great information can be found here:  http://duchateau.com/app/uploads/2015/03/DuCh%C3%A2teau-maintenance-instructions_05-12-15.pdf



Freshen Up 1 ltr (Covers approx 1000 sqft) | Floor Soap is a 1 ltr Concentrate

Boen Live Natural Oil Finish:  Boen’s Oil Finish is also a Hardwax oil.  As with the other floors we highly recomend the brand specific maintenance products be used.   It is also suggested one coat of “Freshen Up” be used.  Once can covers about 1000 sqft.  This is available in Natural, and also White and Dark pigment.  The coloured oils will help restore colour when re-oiling a floor a few years after installation.    The Boen Soap is a concentrated cleaning solution that cleans, restores and protects the floor.  More information can be found here on the BOEN Website: http://boen.com/en/technical-and-downloads/care-and-maintenance/maintenance-oiled-floors/



Coverage dependent on species of wood. On average, 1 ltr of Base Oil Covers 400 sqft and 100Pro will do about 600 sqft. Cleaner Soap is a concentrate solution.

Europlex UNFINISHED HARDWOOD FLOORS:  Want to do a beautiful, traditional European Style sand and finish on-site Hard-wax Oil Floor?  We stock the hardwood, and also the finishes.  Berger Seidle is a German brand that offers excellent products for finishing on site.  In addition to the Base Oil, 100-Pro Top Coat, and Soap,   we recommend the Base-oil Colour that offers a wide range of oil based stains.   See the colours: http://www.berger-seidle.de/us/downloads/brochure/gb/Brochure_Classic_BaseOil_GB.pdf

Please contact us regarding information about any of our oiled floors, and the products that go with them.   It is the retailers and installers responsibility to pass on the information the homeowner needs to know about caring and maintaining an oiled floor!

All products in this article are readily available for purchase from Europlex.