This classic design as re-emerged.    Any design enthusiast or industry professional can attest that herringbone patterns are on the rise.

New Classics Chevron Style Herringbone by DuChateau

New Classics Chevron Style Herringbone by DuChateau

Herringbone styles can be seen in a vast array of materials, including fabrics and ceramics – here we will discuss our favorite herringbone products (made from Hardwood) that are available through Europlex:

Old Herringbone floors required a lot of labor on site

Traditionally herringbone patterns would require a lot of cutting and intensive labor.  Thanks to modern finishing and manufacturing techniques, our top brands all produce “out of the box” herringbone floors that are ready to be installed.  These style come in engineered format, so they can be installed over both plywood and concrete sub-floors.

parquet-herringbone2DuChateau specializes in creating floors with characteristics of an old-world, antiqued, natural hardwood flooring that has elegantly stood the test of time.   Luckily, you can still create the look of a traditional style herringbone floor, like these customers did in Calgary, Alberta (Supply and installation credit to Smith Bros. Floors)


DuChateau Herringbone, in “Windsor Hand-scraped”

There are different styles of Herringbone patterns, with the top 2 being the regular fish-bone style of assembled rectangles, and the other is the Chevron style where the ends are cut on angles to meet up into a V-shape.


Chevron Herringbone, by Coswick

Traditional Herringbone

Traditional Herringbone, by Coswick









For more information about our herringbone floors check out these exclusive brands – DuChateau, Coswick, and Boen

Boen Herringbone

And don’t forget, our Herringbone styles are not limited to floors….

DuChateau Wall Covering - Curva Chevron

DuChateau Wall Covering – Curva Chevron

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Boen's Iroko Herringbone Featured on a backsplash feature

Boen’s Iroko Herringbone Featured on a backsplash feature

For more info on our wall coverings, visit EC Wall Design:


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