Europlex has been in flooring for 30 years; It has always been our mission to supply the most new and exciting products to our customers, so getting into wall coverings has come naturally, given the appetite of the interior design community.

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We are very pleased to be stocking and offering the top designer brands in wall covering including Stikwood, DuChateau, and EuroCork.

Stikwood – Plan, Peel, and Stick

Stikwood Canada“The Stikwood was very easy to install,  not having to spend a lot on the labour component was a feature we benefited from,” says Stikwood client, Hesam Deihimi, Principal at Milori Homes.   Easy installation of the Stikwood, is a feature that surprises many users.  Despite the longevity and strength of natural materials it is a simple and efficient application to transform a space. The peel and stick design is as straightforward as it sounds.  This feature makes Stikwood a great product for a commercial spaces as well as for a DYI homeowner.  Required supplies are limited and installation can be completed easily by first time users. This cost-effective, real wood product creates a beautiful finish,  and the reclaimed character of the wood provides a comfortable yet sophisticated look and texture.


DuChateau – Architecturally beautiful Wall Coverings

DuChateau CanadaBeautiful in their dimensional architecture and classic sophistication, our Wall Coverings feature a myriad of distinct colors and surface textures that only DuChateau can create.  We are now launching 12 patterns combined with up to 12 unique finishes that will certainly captivate the attention of our respected customers.   The options available are one of the many exceptional qualities in DuChateau, the designer can select any pattern with any of the 12 finishing styles.   The wall covering is all made-to-order, and the delivery time is about 4-6 weeks.


EuroCork – A fun and eco-friendly wall covering

Cork Wall CoveringCork is making a comeback!  (Or so it should, in our opinion).  Europlex is known for its cork products, including VinylCork and EuroCork floating floors.   We are very excited for the possibilities of cork in wall covering and we continue to add products to our collections.   Cork can be used in the home for many applications.  It is very easy to install, and great for home offices, kids rooms, games rooms, media rooms…. or anywhere that you want to add interesting texture, and also reduce sound.

pic20151109154719Our favorite part about cork is the story that the product beholds,  the trees are never cut down, and the building materials are made from the manufacturers byproduct of wine-stopper industry.

We keep our cork wall designs in-stock and readily available for your convenience.


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