At Europlex, we stand firm that your hardwood floor will last a LIFETIME.

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Our products, such as BOEN, are manufactured to the highest European standards

We live in a consumer society.  Many of the products we use are not built to last.  This is profitable to the companies manufacturing and re-supplying these” throw-away” products but they are harmful on a grand scale in so many ways – harmful to the environment, harmful to your health, harmful to your home.


No trees are cut down in the production of EuroCork and VinylCork

Materials used from one of earths most precious resources such as TREES should NEVER be made into throw-away product.
Your floor is an investment!  It should be beautiful AND last the life of the home.

At Europlex we are committed to bringing you these floors!


Our objective is simple, to bring you healthy and beautiful floors.

Europlex continues to promise you, our customer, quality floors that will last a lifetime and not compromise the well-being of your personal living environment.  We guarantee all our lumber is sourced legally and sustainably.   Our focus has remained stead-fast in supplying top quality brands from around the world such as EUROCORK, VINYLCORK, DUCHATEAU, COSWICK, and BOEN.

WalnutAndanteplankmiljowebThings to think about when buying a floor:

Thickness of Veneer – choose something with minimum 3mm wear-layer!

Construction – If choosing and engineered or solid product, check for quality milling and manufacture. The cores should be made of Baltic Birch, or a quarter sawn pine.

Warranty – Will the floor survive seasonal fluctuations of humidity and dryness?  Choose a species (and a core) that is most suitable for your living environment.DuChateau

Finish – There is no argument – not all finishes are created equally!  Ask us about the benefits of OIL and High Quality Lacquer finishes.

Certifications – A company that takes pride in ensuring their products meet and exceed world-wide environmental standards.

made in Europe


Our specialty has always been flooring MADE IN EUROPE to the highest standards.  When selecting your floors, look for our EU Logo – a promise of premium quality.