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With so much flooring on the market to choose from, read first-hand why you should pick BOEN:

Rune, BOENs technical manager, explains what why BOENs hardwood floors are the best quality:

The best of the tree is usedHardwood Floor Radiant heat BC Alberta Climate

Most flooring suppliers buys wood from the same sawmill where the furniture industry buys its raw materials. The furniture industry pays a high price to get the special quality of the wood that’s needed in this industry. BOEN owns two sawmills, which exclusively cuts hardwood and because of this, we can use the entire tree trunk and therefore provide you parquet floors with varying grades, from a cleaner nature grade to a country grade with lots of large knots giving you a greater choice.

 BOEN hardwood floor is dried to withstand changing climates

Within the BOEN sawmills the drying process is controlled right from the start of production to prevent parquet from cracking when installed which can happen due to climate changes, especially in temperate corners of the world.
Other parquet suppliers lose control of this process as they buy raw materials where the drying process has already started, usually between 18-20% RH before they start their production.  BOEN know with certainty that is it important to have control, right from the start.

 Most and best choices when it comes to surface treatments

A floors appearance and durability is affected by the parquet’s surface treatment and is an important choice.  BOEN offer four surface finishes, from the new award winning Live Pure which is an ultra matte lacquered surface finish that looks and feels almost unfinished, and is maintenance free.
You can also choose from BOEN’s Live Natural Oil, the traditional Live Satin lacquer and the popular Live Matt Lacquer which both come finished from our factory. BOEN believe to give the best durable surface parquet floor lacquers should be applied in many thin layers, rather than other manufacturers who apply less thicker layers.


Extremely easy to install

To give the installer the easiest and best installation experience BOEN have chosen the two best patented locking systems for parquet flooring.  The long edge of the board uses the trusted clic profile from Unilin and on the short end the latest 5G joint from Valinge.  Using these two superior glue free joints saves time and frustration making every installation easy.  Why not choose BOEN Castle 209mm Wide Plank and install your new parquet floor even faster, the wider the board the faster the installation.

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