We have some exciting dark flooring products that we would like to share with you, BLACK IS BACK! 

Neutral & airy light whites and greys have been the number one flooring trend for several years, but design trends are becoming bolder and darker for 2018.

 “The most prolific members of the design community have began their quest for black floors, which is usually a good indicator of upcoming trends.  Look out for our newest designer colour swatches which contain black options, such as Boen’s Live Pure Chalk Black and Ebony”.   – Jessica Laudien (Flooring Specialist, Product Development)

 Floors to See: 

Boens Chalk Black and Ebony

The matte finish and brushed textures on Boen’s Live Pure Ebony and Chalk Black, make these dark floors look and perform the best.


Whether you’re pro-darkness or not, you can’t argue that black rules the interior design world. The Live Pure products have been inspired by the renaissance of dark shades.  Black is synonymous with sleek, sophisticated style and a rather masculine elegance. 

Our latest hardwood floors will make every room shine, for example with an expressive dark black or anthracite-coloured floor. Strong colours with matt surfaces are the best choice for the black colours trend. An important aspect is to showcase the magic of the wood: its grain and incomparable depth, warmth and vibrancy, even with dark tones. This is why the surfaces are brushed – in order to optimally emphasis their natural structure.



 Chevron and Herringbone:

Coswick presents Chevron and Herringbone in their timeless colour Oak GOTHIC.  They also do stunning mosaic tiles, which will turn any floor into a masterpiece! 

 Add Dimension and Texture to Dark Floors with white graining: 

A new addition to Coswick Oak is the colour TERRA. The white graining artfully accentuates this dark floor.


A classic dark floor favorite is TANZANIA by DuChateau. The white grain on this dark floor gives it an almost blue appearance, with a ton of depth and wood grain variation.

 A Natural Alternative To Dark Stains- SMOKING:

Boen Smoked and Stone are recommended Dark Floors



Smoking refers to the natural oxidation/ageing process of the oak timber, where the boards are fumed or ‘smoked’ with ammonia vapour. This vapour chemically reacts with the tannin in the oak and causes it to deepen in colour. The longer the timber is smoked, the deeper in colour it becomes. The advantage of smoking is that it achieves a natural colour which permeates all the way through the wear layer. 



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